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Public Health Practice Campus Certificate at Rockford

The Public Health Practice Campus Certificate at Rockford provides a public health knowledge base targeting local community, health, and public health professionals as well as health professions students enrolled at the College of Medicine campus in Rockford.  The certificate is a 16 hour program of study consisting of five graduate level courses comprising the fundamental concepts essential to public health practice.       

Courses will be offered in-person on the Rockford campus and on-line.  Certificate coursework may be transferable to a degree program within the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health or to other schools or programs of public health.

Through this campus certificate program learners will acquire basic knowledge, attitudes and skills that are important for public health practice. 

These include:

  1. An understanding and appreciation of the basic principles of public health as a system and social enterprise
  2. Basic principles of epidemiology and of the social and behavioral determinants of health and illness in populations
  3. Familiarity with basic statistics and the role of statistics in carrying out the core functions of public health
  4. The role of health education and health promotion in improving population health

Who Should Apply?

The Public Health Practice Campus Certificate at Rockford is intended for:

  1. Members of the public health workforce who seek formal education and training in public health
  2. Health professions students who seek to strengthen their knowledge and skills in basic public health concepts  
  3. Those delivering health care who need knowledge and skills of the public health system but may not want the full MPH curriculum
  4. Public and private sector employees who wish to enhance their professional knowledge of core public health concepts
  5. Lifelong learners

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