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Public Health Management

Public Health Management

Due to an expansion of responsibilities assigned to public health organizations and the emergence of a new generation of leadership, public health organizations, now more than ever, need skilled managers. The PHM online certificate program fills this need by providing the skills necessary for you to take the next step in your career. You will be able to make the tough decisions required to strategically plan, budget, allocate resources and lead. The PHM curriculum provides skills and knowledge essential to management, enhancing your role as a thoughtful, analytical and ethical leader. Upon completion of the Public Health Management certificate program, you will be able to apply theories, concepts and tools to the kind of management tasks that you encounter daily. Additionally, you will see an increase in efficiency, effectiveness and accountability through practical applications of this curriculum in the workplace.


With more than a decade of online teaching experience, the PHM certificate program faculty know how to help students make the most—and get the most—out of online learning. The PHM online certificate program uses highly interactive, problem-based learning. Students and faculty interact through online discussion groups and the use of virtual collaboration sessions. Student achievement is assessed by participation in discussion, quizzes and assignments. Each student will receive graduate credit for the classes successfully completed, which could be transferred toward the fulfillment of the UIC Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program.


Our Faculty

The instructors contributing to this program possess the knowledge and expertise needed to provide participants with a foundation of public health practice, including planning, organizing, controlling and leading.

Who Should Apply?

The certificate program is ideal for professionals who desire to make a difference, anyone who supervises teams, manages projects or leads programs will benefit from UIC’s Public Health Management online certificate program.

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