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Master of Public Health in PHI Degree

Master of Public Health in PHI Degree


The MPH PHI curriculum is designed to develop expertise in public health informatics. It is ideal for state/local public health agency personnel, staff of managed care organizations and pharmaceutical companies, health insurance companies, international health agency personnel, federal health officers, physicians/other healthcare providers, IT professionals and veterans/military personnel.

In addition to the traditional public health competences, our graduates will gain the following competences:

  • Demonstrate the capability to plan, design, develop, and manage public health information  and surveillance systems projects;
  • Identify the factors responsible for the success or failure of healthcare and public health information systems projects;
  • Identify the major public health registries and information systems;
  • Analyze the legal and ethical issues involved in the development and use of healthcare and public health information systems;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of health information technology governance and strategic planning;
  • Develop the capability to analyze the factors that influence the choice and implementation of electronic health records and health information exchanges;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the basic principles of management of networking and communication systems ; 
  • Demonstrate the capability to develop and use web-based and mobile health applications in public health practice;
  • Demonstrate the capability to develop and use geographic information systems and data mining  in public health practice.  



The 45 semester hour MPH PHI program includes online public health and informatics courses ,a capstone project and field practicum.

  • Public Health Core Courses – An introduction to the many disciplines within the field, including Community Health Sciences, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Principles of Public Health Management.
  • Informatics Courses – An in-depth coverage of courses such as web-based information systems and mobile health applications, decision support systems, networking and communication systems,   surveillance systems development, data mining, and geographic information systems.
  • Field Practicum – Students work with an approved health agency under the guidance of UIC academic advisors and field practicum supervisors. This is an opportunity to immediately apply your education to enhance your current career.
  • Capstone Project – Students synthesize and integrate knowledge acquired in coursework and other learning experiences to address a practical informatics problem in an agency or organization. Frequently, the field practicum can be utilized as the experience for the capstone.
  • Course details -  You may access a detail of courses @  



All courses are taught online with no required campus visits. Students must maintain a 3.0 (out of 4.0) cumulative average for all coursework. Students with a bachelors degree are eligible for admission. Students completing the MPH in Health and Policy Administration with a PHI Concentration will complete 23 hours in SPH-requirements, a combination of core (2 courses), selective (3 courses), and elective (2 courses) requirements to complete a minimum of 22 hours of additional coursework. This program is designed for completion in 2 years when enrolled full-time. 

Curricula allows for each student to develop competencies within particular areas of informatics. For example, with the appropriate selection of selectives and electives a student can acquire a major competency profile related to the “PHI information storage and analysis” field. Within this structure, the field practicum project and capstone experience (IPHS 650 & 698) has the potential to further advance this profile to the level of an “expert” (e.g., develop the capacity to create independently new approaches, identify innovative solutions, and implement informatics systems to an actual PH organization.

Please note: Intent to graduate is due by the 2nd week of the semester for SpringWe will notify you of any changes
Please notify your intent to graduate ahead of time to: Online Program Coordinator, Rocelia Viramontes,


Project Management - HPA 488: PHI Systems Evaluation and Project Management, HPA 444: Strategic Planning and Budgeting

Mobile PHI Applications Development - HPA  563: Web-based Public Health Information Systems, HPA  483: Management of Communication systems applications in PH

Spatial visualization techniques - HPA 480: Database design and analysis, HPA 436: GIS for PH Professionals, HPA 564: GIS Applications in PH, HPA 455: Geographic Information Systems Integrative Project

Information storage and analytics - HPA 480: Database design and analysis, HPA 565: Data mining Applications in Public Health


Students desiring an abbreviated course of study may apply to either of the following:


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