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The Public Health Geographic Information Systems certificate program aims to broaden students’ knowledge and skills base beyond their professional disciplines so that they may be able to:

  • understand and appreciate the goals and analytical methods common to the public health informatics field;
  • understand the structure and basic characteristics of spatial databases;
  • gain an operational understanding of the most widely used GIS software package, ArcGIS - understand its limitations and appreciate its potential;
  • consult and communicate effectively with stakeholders, interest groups and regulatory bodies by means of powerful spatial visualization tools;
  • comprehend how to apply GIS technology to public health problems.

Program Candidates

Who Should Apply?
Individuals who wish to enhance their GIS skills and influence public health decisions will benefit from this certificate program, including:

  • Persons currently working in public health
  • Those who seek to transition to a career in the public health field
  • Professionals employed at local, state and federal agencies
  • Individuals pursuing a shorter and targeted study of public health GIS

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