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In the News

How to sell a soda tax
U.S. News & World Report, April 9, 2018
"Given the adverse effects on health associated with consuming sugary beverages and the lack of nutritional content of these products, there has been increasing interest in reducing [sugar-sweetened beverage] consumption in the United States and around the world," says Lisa Powell, director of the health policy and administration.

Most Illinois coal mining injuries go unreported: study
Crain's Chicago, March 9, 2018
Robert Cohen, clinical professor of environmental and occupational health sciences, examined mining injuries and illnesses in Illinois between 2001 and 2013.

Occupational health literacy: a concept deserving attention in public health
The Pump Handle, March 2, 2018
A recent study by Drs. Linda Forst, Lee Friedman and Joe Zanzoni found that many community health center workers are unaware of the workers' compensation system or how to file a claim if injured.

Can menstrual cups help prevent vaginal infections?
UIC Today, February 20, 2018
“One of the most common vaginal infections, bacterial vaginosis, doubles the risk for acquiring or transmitting HIV,” said Supriya Mehta, associate professor of epidemiology.

Examining health effects of toxic metals in drinking water
UIC Today, February 6, 2018
“There are naturally occurring elevated levels of arsenic in drinking water in many areas of Bangladesh,” said Maria Argos, associate professor of epidemiology and biostatistics. “Much of my work has focused on the health effects in adults — cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory outcomes related to various levels of arsenic.”

Educating workers at risk for occupational injuries
UIC Today, February 2, 2018
“With the growth of the low-wage workforce, their elevated risk for injury on the job, and their reliance on community health centers, we wanted to see how work-related injuries were detected in these centers and how familiar health care workers are with workers’ compensation,” said Dr. Linda Forst, professor of environmental and occupational health sciences.

Dirty water taking toll on Americans’ health, wallets
Chicago Tribune, January 24, 2018
"But until now, we haven't known the cost associated with illness acquired through recreation on natural waters. This information should help policymakers put the costs of water-quality monitoring and water-quality improvement projects into context," Sam Dorevitch, director of environmental and occupational health sciences.

On the front lines of the opioid crisis, December 12, 2017
The UIC School of Public Health Community Outreach Intervention Project (COIP) was featured for its work addressing the opioid epidemic.

Award will help provide mental health services to Rohingya refugees in Chicago
UIC Today, November 29, 2017
“Most are victims of atrocities and have witnessed acts of genocide against their families and loved ones, and many have lived in refugee camps in Bangladesh and Malaysia,” says Rohan Jeremiah, assistant professor of community health sciences.

UIC resource directory helps link community to health, services groups
UIC Today, November 28, 2017
“Research strongly suggested that nobody fits into one category in terms of labels. The fact we are embedding ourselves across all of these different resources enables us to have students come in and identify in multiple ways to access our services, but also lets them know what our partners are doing to help,” said Rohan Jeremiah, assistant professor of community health sciences.

Largest-ever study to look at maternal nitrate consumption and birth outcomes
UIC Today, October 12, 2017
“There are several animal studies that show high levels of nitrate consumption are linked to adverse birth outcomes, but there are only a handful of studies in humans, and those have relatively low numbers of participants and numerous design limitations,” said Leslie Stayner, professor of epidemiology.

New health equity research center established at UIC
UIC Today, October 10, 2017
“The end-goal is to get to a point where my health and your health is not determined by the color of our skin, where we live, or who we live with,” said Jesus Ramirez-Valles, professor and director of community health sciences.

UIC to study sweetened beverage taxes in Illinois, California
UIC Today, September 26, 2017
“While we already know that sugar intake impacts body weight and health outcomes, we need to carefully and comprehensively evaluate the beverage tax in Cook County and Oakland to understand its net effect on sugar intake,” said Lisa Powell, director of Health Policy & Administration.

Toxic Metals Study Examines Kids’ Toenails on Chicago’s Southeast Side
Chicago Tonight, July 31, 2017
Victoria Persky and Maria Argos, launched the study to examine the relationship between exposure to metals and lung function in children with asthma.

Faster bacteria testing solves decades-old dilemma at Chicago beaches
Sun-Times, July 30, 2017
“Everybody else reports to the public what water quality was yesterday, because they use the old culture procedure,” said Samuel Dorevitch, director and associate professor of environmental and occupational health sciences.

Naperville residents want chemical weed killer ban made permanent in parks
Chicago Tribune, July 30, 2017
"Based on my expertise, I strongly urge you not to use pesticides on any surface where people will play," said Susan Buchanan, clinical associate professor.

Exercise program improves performance of daily activities for frail older adults
UIC News, June 23, 2017
“This study challenges our passive care model and is one of the first to test an intervention for frail seniors using home care aides,” said Naoko Muramatsu,  associate professor of community health sciences.

Junk Food Ads Reach Children Despite Food Industry Self-regulation
JAMA, June 20, 2017
With 17% of US children and adolescents now obese, public health experts like Lisa Powell, professor and director of health policy and administration, are calling for stronger rules on junk food marketing.

Why Black Lung Is Deadlier Than Ever Before
Smithsonian, May 16, 2017
“We believed that modern mining technologies and dust controls, which have been in place for decades, had eliminated this scourge. We were wrong,” said Robert Cohen, clinical professor of environmental and occupational health sciences.

Greater total pollution exposure tied to higher cancer risk
Reuters, May 8, 2017
“We do not experience exposures in a vacuum but rather are exposed to several exposures at any one time,” said Jyotsna Jagai, research assistant professor of environmental and occupational health sciences.

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