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Hospital CEO Moves to Public Health

Hospital CEO Moves to Public Health

J DeNardoAfter 12 years as the CEO of the University of Illinois Hospital, John DeNardo moved to the UIC School of Public Health to become the program director of the Master of Healthcare Administration Program.

“The last 12 years have been among the most professionally rewarding of my life. I have also been fortunate to participate in teaching the next generation of health care leaders as adjunct faculty in both the College of Pharmacy and the School of Public Health,” wrote DeNardo in a farewell blog post to UI Hospital employees.

Before joining the University of Illinois Hospital in 2000, DeNardo was a pharmacist, pharmacy administrator and a top administrator at three Veterans Administration hospitals in the Chicago area.

He began his career in health care at UIC as a student in the College of Pharmacy, earning a bachelor’s in 1971 and a master’s in 1974, followed by a master’s of public health from the University of Michigan in 1984.

DeNardo said that during his time as CEO, one of his guiding principles was to treat people the way he would want to be treated.

He extended this to patients by always emphasizing that hospital staff and physicians should take care of patients “the way we would want our mother, father, sister or brother to be taken care of.”

“He cares about everyone at this place and it shows in all his interactions,” said Joe G.N. “Skip” Garcia, vice president for health affairs.

“The UIC SPH is most fortunate to have John DeNardo joining the faculty of the Division of Health Policy and Administration on a full-time basis to direct its MHA program,” said Dean Paul Brandt-Rauf.  DeNardo has already been a vital contributor to the MHA program in his role as adjunct faculty for a number of years.  Most significantly, DeNardo brings to this position decades of valuable experience leading health care organizations at the highest level, including most recently a long and successful stint as CEO of the UIC Healthcare System, as well as numerous contacts with potential partners in health care organizations around the region.  “We could not have found a more qualified individual to lead this already highly acclaimed program to new levels of excellence,” said Brandt-Rauf.


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