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New Diversity and Inclusion Climate Statement

New Diversity and Inclusion Climate Statement

UIC School of Public Health Climate Statement  – “We Are Diversity”

As we enter a season that should be a time of joy and fellowship, we find ourselves in a world plagued with conflict, inequity and intolerance. We must remain vigilant to keep these ills from infecting our community.  Students across the nation are standing up to express the cultural erasure, felt as overt or subtle discrimination and silencing experienced on many college campuses by persons of color, women, sexual minorities, religious minorities and persons with disabilities.  Furthermore, the blatant Islamophobia and xenophobia being expressed in recent days by presidential candidates has no place here.  We use the motto “We Are Diversity” to embrace diversity and inclusion in all its manifestations, and stand in solidarity with all who battle against intolerance, inequity and injustice.

At the SPH, diversity is the inclusive, welcoming, stimulating climate shared by all members of this community.  Students, faculty, staff, and community partners convene from different geographic locations, religious backgrounds, political viewpoints, and social/cultural perspectives.  The SPH celebrates these differences as a source of provocative, robust, and respectful discourse and debate and as a pathway to equity.  

The UIC School of Public Health is committed to diversity in its many facets. By celebrating the unique contributions of our students, faculty, and staff, we support a more enriching learning environment and foster a truly global community.  We believe ‘Diversity’ refers to the meaningful inclusion and integration of groups and individuals as part of an active process to enhance the work and educational environment of the School of Public Health and as a step towards equity and social justice.  

Please visit the Office of Diversity and Inclusion website for more information.

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