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Safe Lifting and Moving in Health Care 2011

Safe Lifting and Moving in Health Care 2011


The Safe Lifting and Moving in Health Care conference held on May 12th 2011, provided strategies and resources to design and sustain safe lifting and moving programs in acute care, long term care, community, and home care settings. For more information, please view the conference agendapresenter description and resource packet.

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Joseph Zanoni, PhD, MILR, Acting Director, Illinois Occupational Safety & Health
Education & Research Center, UIC School of Public Health


Overview of Ergonomic Hazards in Health Care:  How Serious is this Problem Today?
Susan Buchanan, MD, MPH, Director, Occupational Medicine Residency Program,
Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, UIC School of Public Health


The Legal Framework for Ergonomics in Health Care: What’s happening in Illinois?
Aida Trinidad, RN, OEC, COS-C, Division of Health Care Facilities and Programs,
Illinois Department of Public Health

OSHA’s Role in Health Care Ergonomics.
Dana Root, MS, PT, CPE, Regional Ergonomics Coordinator, U.S. Dept. of Labor, OSHA Region V


The Business Case for Ergonomics in Health Care.
Clint Parram, MPH, Senior Director, Loss Control, Illinois Risk Management Services


Success Stories and Challenges in Safe Lifting & Moving Programs

Acute Care: Mary Bliss, RN, COHN. Methodist Hospital

Residential Care: Kim Kohls, MPH, CHSP & Mary Gonzalez, Countryside Care Center

Home Care: Lori Peculis, PT, APT & Molly Boland, MSBE, ATP, RET, UIC Assistive Technology Unit

Union Perspectives: Jo Patton, BA, AFSCME Council 31


Workshop description available here

Starting a safe lifting and moving program in health care:

Sustaining a safe lifting and moving program in health care:

Human resource and labor/management issues:

Consumer, resident & patient perspectives:

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