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Outreach Program

Outreach Program

The aim of the Outreach Program at the Illinois ERC is to serve as a regional information resource to enhance health and safety within other academic institutions, government agencies, professional and trade associations, labor unions, and advocacy groups by providing curricula, technical assistance, and consultation. Tools created by the ERC Outreach Program are available here.

While the Illinois ERC takes a comprehensive approach to improving, promoting, and maintaining the health of workers and communities, we devote special attention to the problems and needs of minority and disadvantaged workers and communities, the specific occupational and environmental safety and health needs of our region, and to the development of innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to addressing these needs.

While outreach activities are coordinated through the Continuing Education Program (CE), all academic programs contribute faculty time and expertise to actualizing the program. We plan on continuing to effect the work environment by reaching practitioners through the professional associations locally and the GeoLibrary regionally, nationally, and globally.

While much of the outreach is based on requests, over the past 5 years specific program-focused activities include Occupational Health and Social Justice, Dangerous Trades: Alice Hamilton and the History of Occupational Health, Health in the Arts (HARTS), Healthy Schools Campaign, Health Care Without Harm, Lead Safe Chicago, Service Employees International (SEIU) building service workload and Chicago Area Workers’ Centers Project.


Preethi Pratap, PhD
Continuing Education and Outreach Program Director
Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
School of Public Health 
University of Illinois at Chicago
1603 West Taylor Street (1049)
Chicago, Illinois 60612-7260
Phone: 312-413-1739
Fax: 312-413-9898

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