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Healthy Communities Through Healthy Work

Healthy Communities Through Healthy Work


The Healthy Communities Through Healthy Work team will partner with local, regional, and national organizations to:

  • Conduct an assessment to identify policies and practices to promote healthy work
  • Build upon and support existing and new strategies for changing unhealthy work to healthy work
  • Implement and leverage policies that create healthy communities and healthy work


The Healthy Communities through Healthy Work (HCHW) initiative is proposing a unique approach for moving toward healthy work. The HCHW team hopes to change perceptions of healthy work by addressing the causes of precarious employment at a systemic level.

The HCHW team will work to understand how Chicagoland, Illinois, regional, and national partners define and perceive precarious and healthy work. The team will work with partners to understand what activities are already happening to help achieve healthy work and how the Center for Healthy Work can support those efforts.

Additionally, the HCHW team will provide skills building to partner organizations to create best practices and effective policies.

A process called action learning will be used to collaboratively engage communities and organization in the assessment, design and promotion of healthy work.

Stay tuned for a webinar series to be launched in the summer of 2017 that will facilitate the conversation around precarious versus healthy work!

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