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Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project

Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project


The Greater Lawndale Healthy Work Project will partner with Chicago neighborhoods experiencing high rates of job insecurity to:

  • Explore community-level approaches for improving residents' health at work
  • Build community capacity for recognizing worker health as community health
  • Develop community-based interventions that expand residents' access to healthy jobs

The Center for Healthy Work recognizes that poor quality work can have a major impact on the health of workers and the communities where they live. The Greater Lawndale Healthy Work (GLHW) project explores how to address the needs of precariously employed workers.

Community resources and organizations are very important in understanding worker health and safety. The GLHW team hopes to help community groups recognize worker health as community health, address worker health in ongoing community health efforts, and create new total worker health interventions.

The GLHW team will plan focus groups with community members and interviews with community organizations in the North and South Lawndale neighborhoods of Chicago to understand how residents experience work.

The team will also look at existing community resources to understand how they can continue to work toward healthier neighborhoods. A technique called concept mapping will also be done to look at how community members describe the relationships between health and work.


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