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Jon Dopkeen

Jon Dopkeen


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Title: Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of CEHS

Specialization: Policy Analysis, Population Health Planning, Health Demand Management & Engagement, Employment-Based Health Research, and Workers' Compensation Quality & Performance





Dr. Dopkeen has a B.A. in Political Science from Tufts University, an M.A. in Urban Policy Analysis from the New School for Social Research and a Ph.D. in Health Policy from Boston University. He developed and directs the Center for Employee Health Studies within the School of Public Health. The Center works in the domains of health and demand management, workers’ compensation quality and performance, organizational health and productivity, and employment-based health research. He began teaching population-based health planning (HPA 525) in the Masters of Healthcare Administration Program in 2011. In Spring, 2014, he will also co-teach Public Health Systems, Policy and Management (IPHS 494).

Prior to coming to joining the Division of Health and Policy Administration, Dr. Dopkeen had been a Vice President for Business Development in a health technology firm responsible for self-funded and emerging markets of Health Information Exchange.  Previously, he served as Assistant Director of the Illinois Department of Health, directing statewide foundation work on electronic health records, electronic disease surveillance and has worked extensively on applications of health and medical quality. Prior to state government, he served as a Principal with both Mercer and Health Management Associates, a senior consultant with the benefits and health industry practices of the Hay Group, and Government Practice Leader in the Chicago Office of the Segal Co.  Dr. Dopkeen is experienced in the actuarial analysis, benefit plan design and management of large employer health plans, retiree health benefits, collective bargaining, and Long Term Care, as well as issues of access and coverage for the uninsured.  Prior to his doctoral work-in 1984, he had been Deputy Commissioner with Boston’s Department of Health & Hospitals with principle responsibility for the administration of the Boston City Hospital.

He lives in Hyde Park with his wife and three dogs. His daughter and son are grown and on their own.

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