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The Health Policy and Administration (HPA) division offers five online certificates.  Under the guidance of HPA faculty, students will learn how to integrate emerging technologies, research tools, and management practices into their career.


HPA offers a rigorous formal introduction to research methodology. Clinical Research Methods (CRM) students will be prepared to integrate relevant material from statistics, economics, epidemiology, and research in a multi-disciplinary research environment, and collaborate with other clinician-scientists to make decisions and manage research programs.

Please visit the Clinical Research Methods website for additional information.


Health disparities, a well-recognized scientific field of study, has evolved from investigating inequality in health status and risk factors, to improving the evidence-based science needed to inform policy decisions to improve health outcomes among affected populations. HPA offers a post-baccalaureate online certificate in health disparities research to better equip researchers to conduct and evaluate relevant health disparities research.

Please visit the Health Disparities Research website for additional information.


Both public and private sectors are developing innovative ways to harness the data integration and spatial visualization power of GIS. HPA’s PHGIS certificate program teaches how to combine your GIS skills with an understanding of Public Health to implement and sustain GIS function as it applies to assessing population health problems within the context of social services, demographic factors and environmental variables.

Please visit the Public Health Geographic Information Systems website for additional information.


PHI makes it possible to not only collect and analyze data related to health populations but to also manage this data in a way that maximizes the efficiency and efficacy of current and emerging public health interventions. The PHI certificate program was designed to develop a new generation of public health informatics leaders.

Please visit the Public Health Informatics website for additional information.


As a front line public health professional, your job is to perform a specific function. But as a public health manager, your job is to make the decisions that will allow your organization to fulfill its purpose. HPA’s PHM certificate program builds skills and competency in managing resources and processes to achieve desired outcomes within public health organizations, systems, and community settings.

Please visit the Public Health Management website for additional information.

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