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Miners Health

Miners' Health

Black Lung Center of Excellence

The UIC Black Lung Center of Excellence provides the highest level of medical expertise in medical surveillance, screening, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and medical-legal services to providers, clinics, advocacy organizations, and government agencies whose main goal is to care for coal miners.

Miners are at risk for increased morbidity and mortality due to undiagnosed, under-treated respiratory disease. Our program is designed to build capacity among assist health care professionals who need the most up-to-date information on the changing patterns and severity of Coal Mine Dust Lung Disease (CMDLD).  This program covers 6 important components:

  • Outreach and education to health care providers and clinic staff
  • Training through distance based learning, video conferencing, or in person
  • Assistance in creating, building, and reinforcing clinic infrastructure and organizational capacity
  • Providing expert consultation in difficult clinical situations, or difficult medical, legal or scientific questions
  • Collaboration to develop new programs and new clinical and educational materials
  • Providing technical assistance to Black Lung grantees or HRSA and other government agencies.


Black Lung Clinic

The Black Lung Clinics Program is part of a consortium of the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Shawnee Health Service, both with a long tradition of addressing the respiratory care and benefits needs of active, inactive, disabled, and retired coal miners in the Midwest.  Jointly, we provide services through our sites in Chicago, Springfield, and Carbondale, Illinois as well as Evansville, Indiana. We also serve as a tertiary level referral center for other Black Lung Clinics nationally for the most complicated and difficult cases of Coal Mine Dust Lung Disease and other occupational lung diseases.

Global Consulting on Black Lung

We review coal mining medical surveillance programs, globally, to determine the adequacy of design and implementation of protocols for the most effective detection of the early stages of CMDLD. We are working in Australia, S. Africa, and Colombia.


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