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Global Training Programs



Global Program in Occupational Health Practice (GPOHP)

GPOHP is an interactive, online program for health care providers and health and safety managers who are called upon to provide occupational health or hygiene/safety services, but with limited formal training. There are 4 individual courses lasting 10 weeks each. Participants may select one course, or may complete a 3-course sequence for a certificate of completion. GPOHP is the only online provider for the Occupational Hygiene Training Association (OHTA) .  One course in the "health" sequence comes with 100 ACCME credits. GPOHP runs from September to June.  More information can be found at: Global Program on Occupational Health Practice (GPOHP)

World Health Organization Modules in Occupational Health

Under contract from the World Health Organization, GLC faculty created a training program in occupational health for professionals called upon to address occupational health, safety, and hygiene issues.  Three case-based modules provide training on the fundamentals of occupational health and hygiene practice.  There is an instructor guide with lesson plans and training materials, as well as a student/participant guide. Each module stands alone, though completion of all three reinforces the basic concept and practices that are required to perform in different work settings, particularly, agriculture, manufacturing, and construction.  The Modules are publicly available and can be found at: WHO Modules on Occupational Health

World Health Organization Curriculum on Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining (ASGM)

The Minamata Convention on Mercury requires that signatories with ASGM miners in-country address the health and healthcare needs of those workers. Under contract from WHO, GLC personnel have developed a training curriculum on health hazards of ASGM, diagnosis and management of cases and community exposures for primary care providers who are called upon to address the problems of ASGM workers and their families. There is a "train-the-trainer" component, lasting 3 days, and a direct training component lasting 2 days.  An instructor and student manual will be provided with lesson plans, teaching tools, and advice about swapping in local photos and information. This program is under review by the WHO and is unavailable at this time. Information on the Minamata Convention on Mercury can be found here: Minamata Convention

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