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WHO Collaborating Center

farmglobalhealthGLC1168x134, SPH Great Lakes Center, Global HealthGLC is a WHO/PAHO Collaborating Center in Occupational and Environmental Health, we work towards the WHO Declaration of Occupational Health for All and the PAHO Regional Plan for Worker’s Health. Our work with WHO and PAHO spans the Americas and Eastern  Europe. Examples of our projects include work on ...


Going on 20 years, GLC has partnered with Ukraine and other countries in Eastern Europe on a wide array of environmental and occupational health research and training activities. In 2012, Fogarty, together with NIEHSand NIOSH , launched the Global Environmental and Occupational Health(GEOHealth) program to work with low-resource countries lacking the expertise to study the linkages between environmental and occupational risk factors and disease. This three year planning grant is intended to create regional hubs for collaboration on research, data management, training, and policy support. The Center maintains a regional office in Kyiv, Ukraine in addition to our primary location in Chicago.

International Scholars and Research Partnerships

GLC hosts Visiting Scientists from our partner institutes for training in the United States and supports collaborative conferences, symposia, and workshops on occupational and environmental health throughout the world. In June of 2014, we hosted the EPICOH conference in Chicago, which brought hundreds of international scholars together for a conference, Challenges for Occupational Epidemiology in the 21st century. We have a current Fulbright Scholar from Israel who is working at the intersection of immigration, neighborhood, occupation, and health.

Program Evaluation and Grant Reviews

GLC provides consultation services in the realms of research design and program evaluation. Most recently,aculty have reviewed grant proposals on behalf of the governments of Kazakhstan and Ontario, Canada.  We also conduct evaluations of global programs.

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