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Childrens Health Education and Training

Education & Training

Our faculty is available to present Grand Rounds, residency lectures, and presentations to other healthcare professionals and community groups on pediatric environmental health. Topics include:

       - How to Take an Environmental Exposure History
       - Overview of Children's Environmental Health
       - The Toxic Effects of Exposure to Mercury and Lead
       - Environmental Triggers of Asthma
       - Health Effects of Endocrine Disruptors
       - Indoor Air Quality

Those who are interested in scheduling a presentation on a specific children's environmental health issue for your group are invited to call us at 866-967-7337.

Susan Buchanan (Second from left) presenting in Michigan at the Lead in Water Teach-in

The Center is involved in ongoing development of web-based case studies pertaining to children's environmental exposures and health issues for health care providers. For those wishing to obtain CME credit, one and one-half hours credit is available upon completion of each case study.

Methyl Parathion Case Study

Lead Exposure Case Study

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