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Childrens Health Education and Training

Education & Training

Our faculty is available to present Grand Rounds, residency lectures, and presentations to other healthcare professionals and community groups on pediatric environmental health. Topics include:

       - How to Take an Environmental Exposure History
       - Overview of Children's Environmental Health
       - The Toxic Effects of Exposure to Mercury and Lead
       - Environmental Triggers of Asthma
       - Health Effects of Endocrine Disruptors
       - Indoor Air Quality

Those who are interested in scheduling a presentation on a specific children's environmental health issue for your group are invited to call us at 866-967-7337.

Susan Buchanan (Second from left) presenting in Michigan at the Lead in Water Teach-in

The Center is involved in ongoing development of web-based courses pertaining to children's and pregnant women’s environmental exposures and health issues for health care providers.

Healthy Fish Consumption: The Healthy Fish Choices online CME curriculum gives medical providers the information they need to confidently advise their patients on the risks and benefits of fish consumption. Practitioners can obtain up to 12 CME credits at a nominal cost. Go to to learn more or to register.

Air pollution and Pregnancy: The Fresh Air for Mom online curriculum gives prenatal providers the evidence they need to advise their patients about the effects of indoor and outdoor air contaminants that may affects pregnancy outcomes. Go to to learn more or to register.

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