Robert BaileyRobert Bailey

Dr. Bailey teaches Epidemiology 509: Current Topics in HIV/AIDS Research.





Mark S. DworkinMark Dworkin

Dr. Dworkin teaches Outbreak Investigation/Field Epidemiology, Public Health Surveillance, and Notorious Public Health Plagues.





Memoona HasnainFaculty picture of Memoona Hasnain.

Dr. Hasnain teaches CHSC 554, Current and Emerging Issues in International Women’s Health.





Ronald C. HershowDr. Ronald C. Hershow

Dr. Hershow teaches Epidemiology 410, Infectious Disease Epidemiology; Epidemiology 510 Advanced Infectious Disease Epidemiology; and Epidemiology/EOHS 408 Biological, Chemical, Explosives, and, Nuclear Weapons as Public Health Threats.




Daniel HryhorczukProfile picture of Daniel Hryhorczuk.






Michele IsselProfile image of Michele Issel.

Dr. Issel teaches Program Planning and Evaluation in the MPH program and a doctoral level course in Foundations of Public Health Inquiry.  





Joan KennellyFaculty picture of Joan Kennelly.

Dr. Kennelly coordinates the Fall MCH Seminar, Concepts of Leadership and Underlying Assumptions of Public Health Practice.  





Judith LevyProfile picture of Judith Levy.

Dr. Levy teaches IPHS 409 Challenges in Global Health and chairs the SPH Global Health Initiative Committee.‌






Janet LinJanet Lin

Dr. Lin teaches IPHS 409 Challenges in Global Health and IPHS 410 Global Health Solutions.





Supriya D. MehtaSupriya D. Mehta

Dr. Mehta teaches Introduction to Epidemiological Principles and Methods and an advanced Special Topics Epidemiology course in the Epidemiology of Sexually Transmitted Infections.




Nadine PeacockDr. Nadine Peacock

Dr. Peacock is a core faculty member in the Women’s Health Concentration, the Global Health Concentration, the Anthropology and Global Health joint degree program, and the newly-established undergraduate Public Health major.





Karen PetersKaren Peters

Dr. Peters teaches an undergraduate public health course, Public Health and Global Societies (PUBH 110).



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