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Ronald C. Hershow

Ronald C. Hershow

Dr. Ronald C. Hershow

Dr. Ronald C. Hershow, MD, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Interim Director, Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Courses taught:Dr. Hershow teaches Epidemiology 410, Infectious Disease Epidemiology; Epidemiology 510 Advanced Infectious Disease Epidemiology; and Epidemiology/EOHS 408 Biological, Chemical, Explosives, and, Nuclear Weapons as Public Health Threats.  

He teaches two undergraduate Public Health Courses: HON130: Public Health and the Study of Diseases and Epidemics.

Areas of interest: Dr. Hershow’s research interests include HIV as it affects women and substance users, viral hepatitis, particularly hepatitis C, and hospital-acquired infections focusing on antimicrobial resistant microorganisms.

Projects: Dr. Hershow is currently the Principal Investigator of a pilot study that is attempting to determine the most effective ways to promote successful antiretroviral therapy (ARVs) in HIV-infected injection drug users in Indonesia (Jakarta and Bali). This pilot proposal is part of a larger grant funded by the National Institute of Child and Health Development (NICHD) to build research capacity at University Atma Jaya in Jakarta. Dr. Judith Levy serves as the Principal Investigator for the larger grant and for an existing Fogarty International Program Grant that seeks to promote long-term scientific capacities that help to address the AIDS epidemic in Indonesia, China, Chile, and Malawi.

Other: Dr. Hershow has participated in training programs in China pertaining to the Fogarty Program, specifically lecturing on community approaches to preventing tuberculosis and hepatitis C virus infection.

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