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MPH/MS Global Health Scholarship

MPH/MS Global Health Scholarship

The SPH Global Health Scholarship defrays expenses associated with the MPH/MS Applied Practice Experience or field research in global public health.  These scholarships are competitive, and open to all domestic and international students enrolled in the MPH or MS global health concentration. Up to three awards of up to $1500 (per award) will be made in the fall and spring terms.

Follow the link for the MPH/MS Global Health Scholarship form‌.


Past projects and awardees:

AY 2017-2018
Name: Meghna Nagam
Location: El Paz and El Alto, Bolivia
Project: Meghna is a first year MPH student in Community Health Sciences with a Global Health Concentration who will be completing her Applied Practice Experience with Child Family Health International in Bolivia. Meghna will be working with the Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine Program by developing a community based intervention to address the increasing rate of adolescent pregnancy and the physical, mental and sexual health concerns that accompany it, in El Paz and El Alto. She will also assist with a sexual education program in the primary health care centers located in these regions.
AY 2016-2017
Name: Erin Steele
Location: Ritsona, Greece
Project: Erin is a first year Community Health Sciences MPH student with a Global Health Concentration who will be working with Lighthouse Relief to offer mental health and psychosocial support programs for children living in a refugee camp in Ritsona, Greece. This internship will include working for Lighthouse Relief’s Child Friendly Space operation in which Erin will conduct needs assessments of refugee children in the camp and determine standard operating procedures for mental health referrals.
AY 2015-2016
Name: Jessica Wilson
Location: Masaka, Uganda
Project: Jessica worked with maternal populations through two Women’s Health programs in Masaka Uganda: “The Piglet Program” and “The Joy of a Healthy Pregnancy and Safe Birth.” These two projects are a joint collaboration between three organizations: Microfinancing Partners in Africa in St. Louis, MO; Caritas Masaka Diocese Development Organization (MADDO) in Masaka, Uganda; and Kitovu Hospital in Masaka, Uganda.
AY 2014-2015
Name: Ellen Kerns
Location: Jaipur
Project: Ellen Kerns is a MPH/EPI student. She is traveling to Jaipur, India this summer to conduct a community survey assessing the health behaviors of patients served by the local health clinic.
AY 2013-2014
Name: Bruce Larkin
Location: Gabon
Project: Bruce partnered with a local NGO, VIH/SIDA et Espoir, to develop and implement a survey study on HIV stigma and HIV testing in Gabon. In addition to Bruce also took French classes and volunteered with OSPAC (L’oevre de Sante Primaire de L’Alliance Chretienne), a locally-run mobile clinic which provides health education and clinical care to remote villages.
AY 2012-2013
Name:  Zachary Pope 
Location:  La Romana, Dominican Repubic 
Project:  “A Cross-Sectional Study of Men who have Sex with Men and STIs in La Romana, Dominican Republic”.  There is minimal data on MSM in the Dominican Republic as a whole, and no data on them in La Romana.  Yet according to Grupo Este Amor, there is a booming MSM community in the province.  Zachary’s research will seek to gain insight into the prevalence of HIV in the MSM community in La Romana, with an emphasis on associated demographics, behaviors, and perceptions.  It is hoped that with the appropriate data, a group like Este Amor could tailor their HIV prevention model to better serve their clients.
AY 2011-2012
Name:  Elizabeth Cohen
Location:  Delmas, Port-au-Prince, Haiti
Project:  Elizabeth took part in a collaborative project between UIC and the Delmas Medical Clinic.  One component of the project was the delivery of medical care; the other was a disaster preparedness community assessment.  Elizabeth helped develop survey tools and administered many of more than 150 resident surveys and participated in key stakeholder interviews.

AY 2010-2011
Name: Leslie Carnahan
Location: Millennium Villages, Ghana
Project: Leslie worked on a Millennium Villages project in Ghana to address postpartum hemorrhage of women after childbirth.  Throughout the project, she collaborated with various NGOs and governmental organizations and engaged with local community members.

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