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Lavey and Rosencranz Climate Change Impact Award

Lavey and Rosencranz Climate Change Impact Award

The Global Health Program at the UIC School of Public Health is proud to announce the Global Climate Change Impact Award.  The award was created to encourage research and dissemination of information on the adverse public health impacts of global climate change.  There are many synergies between efforts to improve public health and efforts to sustain the environment.  Focus on health outcomes and threats will help the public and policymakers support stronger actions to limit and adapt to climate change. Additionally, research on a wide range of public health issues should assess climate-related impacts, risks and benefits in evaluating problems and planning remedial programs.

Funds totaling $2500 are available to support one or more students to conduct a global health Applied Practice Experience or thesis during the summer. The Applied Practice Experience must specifically address mitigation or adaptation strategies pertaining to global climate change and its public health implications. Such experiences may tackle health issues sensitive to climatic variability (such as vector-borne or respiratory diseases), address the public health implications related to the decline of water quality and quantity, or be relevant to risks of extreme weather, among others.

Past projects and Lavey and Rosencranz awardees: 

Name: Michelle Tagle
Location: Ddegeya, Uganda
Project: Michelle Tagle is a MPH/CHS student who completed her Applied Practice Experience at Engeye Health Clinic in Ddegeya Village, Uganda. This experience allowed Michelle the opportunity to approach and address the public health problem of increasing patient access to care through emergency transportation. Michelle researched culturally-based health behaviors and conditions, while developing public health skills under the economic, environmental, political and social conditions implicated by Uganda's status as a least developed country.
Name: Cynthia Cordova Orellana
Location: Beijing, China
Project: Cynthia is a MS/EOHS student who is conducting her thesis research on the spatial distribution of global air pollution emissions for greenhouse gases. She will use the award to attend and present at the 17th Global Emissions Initiative Conference in Beijing, China, in November.

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