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Global Impact

Global Impact

Our students are truly making an impact around the globe.  Students are engaged in work to address the health of populations in Haiti, Mexico and Uganda, among others, as well as working with immigrant and refugee populations in Chicago. 


2018 Global Impact Stories


Celina Garza 


"Through the Global Health Concentration I have been able to take classes that I otherwise may not have
taken and challenges me to look at public health outside of the Chicago and US bubble"Learn more about Celina Garza's Experience... 


Karis Baker


"The Global Health Concentration at UIC has impacted me by challenging me to think about how I should apply public health frameworks and theories that I am learning in classes that are more locally/nationally focused to more global/international contexts." Learn more about Karis Baker's Experience...



Carrie Nacht


"The Global Health Concentration is impactful because the courses that you take are very insightful on everything that you do in your global professional experience. It helps "set the scene" for what global work entails." Learn more about Carrie Nacht's Experience...





Sara Stokes


"The greatest impact that the global health concentration has had on me was the ability to participate in the Kenya program this past summer. Through this opportunity I was able to fully realize my passion for global health and the impact that I can have in this field." Learn more about Sara Stokes's experience...



Meghna Nagam


"This experience truly solidified my goals of being a public health practitioner in a global setting. Because of the global health concentration and my experience abroad, I decided to join UIC’s College of Medicine’s Global Medicine program..." Learn more about Meghna's Experience...


2017 Global Impact Stories

Sayuri FujitaSayuri Fujita


"I learned a lot more about myself abroad because of the unique space in which I learned, experienced, and time spent exploring another cultures." Learn more about Sayuri's experience...




2016 Global Impact Stories

Jenny GuadamuzJenny Guadamuz


"Jordanians are among the kindest people one could meet. Colleagues, neighbors, and even strangers all helped me navigate Amman; both physically and socially." Learn more about Jenny's experience...




Nicole LarameeNicole Laramee


"You cannot truly begin to understand a nation, nor develop sustainable programs that seek to improve the status quo, until you’ve experienced first-hand what that status quo is. An understanding of this will make me a more adept and effective health policy analyst." Learn more about Nicole's experience...




Mary OtooMary Otoo


"I received hands-on experience in applying public health principles to blindness prevention in a global setting. The impact of cataract surgeries was almost immediate that along with the patients, I could appreciate the outcome. The best part for me was to witness the patients looking around after cataract surgery, as if it was their first time seeing and being grateful for the gift of sight." Learn more about Mary's experience...



Richard Peyton

Richard Peyton


"I learned that Public Health really is everywhere. In the School of Public Health, we teach Health in All Policies, but seeing this in action, on a global scale, was a great experience." Learn more about Richard's experience...




Noreen Sarhene

Washington, D.C.

"I no longer believe that there is a disassociation between public health and global health. Global health embodies the essence of public health, primary prevention. By assisting developing countries today we are preventing mass disasters tomorrow."Learn more about Noreen's experience...


Ariel TrocinoAriel Trocino


"International work requires good listening, thoughtful engagement of stakeholders and the ability to change course at the drop of a hat. If I had expected the same working environment as I had in corporate America, my experience would have been far less rich and rewarding."Learn more about Ariel's experience...




Kathryn ViviritoKathryn Vivirito


"Many UIC SPH professors have extensive global health experience and are more than willing to mentor students and help navigate the program. Learning about the work that professors at UIC have accomplished abroad is both inspiring and humbling, and I hope to apply everything I have learned from them throughout my career." Learn more about Katie's experience...




Check out how our former students have made a global impact!




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