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Global Health Program Archive

Global Impact Stories 09'-14'

Our students have truly made an impact around the globe.  Students have been and continue to engage in work to address the health of populations in Haiti, Mexico and Uganda, among others, as well as working with immigrant and refugee populations in Chicago. 


Bruce Larkin

Performing my practicum in Gabon confirmed for me that I would enjoy a career in global health. Specifically, I would like to work in some capacity to equip and empower local NGOs providing public health and medical services to their fellow nationals. More...


Micaella Verro

I plan to work in immigrant health and human rights, so my experience in Cuernavaca was very useful. I have a much deeper understanding of the Mexican culture, the violence and poverty that push people out of their countries of origin, and the ways that U.S. policies are implicated in migration. I have a new appreciation for the dedication and resilience of migrants, as well as a renewed calling to continue this work. More... 


Jessica Ruggiero

My perspectives of the world will forever be altered. Primarily, I realized that however much time and interest I put into a new culture, I will never know every aspect of that culture. We must realize that we are outsiders. We may become close friends, and even included as family members, but the people from those places have an invaluable lifetimes’ worth of knowledge and experience that we will never have. I learned to trust in their intuitiveness and expertise. More...


Adrienne Banks

It gave me a broader understanding of the public health field. We live in a country with a mix of many different cultures. Having completed the global health concentration helped prepare me to work with many different types of target populations. More...


Tamara Kozyckyj

I gained a new appreciation for the collaborative work and dedication necessary for developing and maintaining international partnerships, and also visiting Ukraine for the first time strengthened ties to my own Ukrainian heritage. More...


Jiana Calixto 

I did not come back to the states with the same mindset as when I left for Uganda. After living in a village without running water or electricity and high rates of diseases, health inequities across the globe have never been so striking. I’ve realized that simply providing financial assistance may not always be key to sustainable interventions, yet all key stakeholders are essential for the development process to overcoming the inequity and disparity gap. I’ve also gained a strong appreciation for other cultures and the unique ways others perceive health, life, and the world. More...


Sweta Basnet

The field experience and the global health education I received from this program has taught me to become more critical of the global health field and the public health programs that we implement and to never undermine the voices of the community we are working with. More...


Heather in Haiti

Heather Drummond

Having the opportunity to visit Haiti was one of the highlights of my time at the School of Public Health. Haiti is a profound example of the complexity of public health on a national scale and the corresponding challenges in assisting others to live healthy, productive lives. Haiti was both heartbreaking and truly inspiring; the people of Haiti are resolutely strong in the face of near-constant despair. More..


Chicago, Illinois

Chole-City Farm_220x120

‌Chloe Polutnik

My experience with Heartland Alliance’s Refugee Health Programs greatly enhanced my career goals in wanting to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors among disadvantaged communities.  My experience really increased my interest in refugee populations, both in refugee conditions abroad and after resettlement. More...


Rwanda Sara TestSara Test

During my Global Health practicum, I was able to design a research study, write a proposal to the Rwandan National Ethics Committee, develop a survey instrument and focus group questions, train interviewers, supervise data collection, analyze data, present results to local staff at research forums, and a global health conference, and author a manuscript. Each of these steps built my skill base that makes me better prepared for future global health work. More... 


Kelly Schulz

Kelly Schulz in Kathmandu

Learning about Global Health forced me to look at the whole world rather than just the very wealthy country that I am fortunate enough to have been born in. I began to think of the economic and health disparities between the developed world and the developing world as a serious social justice issue. Second, I learned that there are so many different and beautiful cultures in the world. Respecting culture and finding a way to work with it to improve health is essential to successfully rolling out a health initiative or program. More...



Leslie Carnahan and 2 women in Ghana

Leslie Carnahan

My practicum experience in Ghana allowed me to gain tangible and practical experience in the field of global health.  I was able to apply some of the skills that I had learned during my first year in the Community Health Science program.  While working in a Millennium Village, I interacted and networked with individuals from various NGOs and governmental organizations in an operations research project.  Additionally, I had the opportunity to engage with local community members on the project. More...


Rebecca Duerst in India

Rebecca Duerst

My experience in India was the first opportunity I had to work in the field of global health. I learned so many valuable lessons that I will carry with me into my future career. After I graduate, I hope to work long-term in developing countries, and this experience solidified the direction in which I would like my career path to take. More...



Lauren Hooberman

Lauren Hooberman

While many of my peers went to developing countries, I had a different experience in Israel.  I lived in Tel Aviv, a modern metropolis, but I also had an opportunity to go on site visits at various farms throughout the country.  The opportunity to conduct public health work in an international setting was invaluable.  I feel more confident about pursuing global health work opportunities in a variety of settings after I graduate. More...



Katherine Heiman with patient

Katherine Heiman

Working in the field and learning about Guatemala’s health systems firsthand provided an understanding and knowledge that is difficult to obtain in the classroom.  I learned a lot of practical lessons, about challenges and successes in implementing community-based health programs in a low resource environment.  Through conversations with persons in different indigenous populations, I also learned about the civil conflict and its indirect and direct impact on health.  I feel that these broader social economic issues are relevant to all aspects of public health. More...


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