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Global Health Concentration

Global Health Concentration


The Global Health Concentration (GHC) is interdisciplinary, representing students from all School of Public Health divisions. In addition to individual division and school-wide requirements, students must fulfill GHC requirements, detailed below. Among other activities, students in the GHC will discuss key historical events that have shaped public health on an international scale; they will apply theory to program development in an international context; and students will examine and apply health prevention and intervention models effective in diverse global settings.


All students in the Global Health Concentration must complete the following courses:

IPHS 409 (Fall): Global Public Health Challenges (3 SH)

IPHS 410 (Spring): Global Public Health Solutions (3 SH)

Elective (3 SH): The global health elective will be chosen from a wide range of courses that will deepen the knowledge of challenges and skills required to address public health problems globally. For the global health elective course options, please view our full list here.

Courses not listed as Global Health Elective options will not be counted toward this requirement. If you feel there is a course that should be included in this listing, you must submit a Global Health Elective Petition which can be found here. For more information on this petition process, please contact Erin Farmer at or 312-355-3219.

*Please Note: IPHS 409 and IPHS 410 do not need to be taken sequentially.


MPH students must complete the following:

IPHS 650: Applied Practice Experience (0-5 SH)

IPHS 698: Integrative Learning Experience (1 SH)

*Please Note: Both the Applied Practice Experience and integrative learning experience must have a global health focus. For example, working with an international NGO, a global health agency, or an ethnic community in the U.S.  


With permission from their advisor, PEP MPH students with prior international experience suitable for their division have the option of petitioning the Committee on Academic Progress (CAP) to waive the Applied Practice Experience or undertaking the internship.  If the internship is waived, students in the concentration must complete an additional 3 SH elective in global health.


MS students must complete the following:

IPHS 598: Research in Public Health Sciences- MS (0-16 SH)

*Please Note: The research thesis must focus on a global health related topic outside of the U.S. (or domestically through an appropriate venue). Thesis hours will vary by division.


Students in the global health concentration are encouraged to complete an international Applied Practice Experience/capstone project or to identify an appropriate alternative. The latter choice includes working with an international NGO, a global health agency, or an ethnic community in the U.S. Students should consult with their divisional Applied Practice Experience coordinator when arranging the Applied Practice Experience/capstone project. For more information and to explore Applied Practice Experience options, please visit the Applied Practice Experience homepage.


At the conclusion of the concentration, students will be able to:

  • Describe key historical events that have shaped public health internationally;
  • Analyze the economic, political, social, and other contextual properties of global health;
  • Discuss the significance of gender in relation to health in a global context;
  • Apply appropriate  theoretical frameworks to public health program development in the global  context;
  • Identify and apply community health prevention and intervention models appropriate for diverse global contexts;
  • Apply methodological skills appropriate to global studies including rapid assessment techniques and program evaluation;
  • Promote ethical principles in international research and practice;
  • Apply information and technology transfer techniques;
  • Draw upon international or other relevant experience to inform their global health careers.



Students will apply separately to the SPH division of their choice (CHS, E-B, EOHS or HPA) and to the Global Health Concentration. With proper planning, the GHC can be completed alongside the MPH Professional Enhancement Program (PEP), MPH Comprehensive program, or the MS program.

The GHC offers admission for the fall and spring terms.

FALL DEADLINE                                         SPRING DEADLINE

October 1                                                                    February 1

To apply to the concentration, please complete the application linked below, obtain the appropriate signatures, and submit the application to Erin Farmer, Program Coordinator of the Global Health Program.

Click here for the Global Health Concentration Application.‌


For more information about the concentration please contact:

Program Coordinator, Global Health Program
1603 W. Taylor St. (SPHPI Room 1178B)
Chicago, IL 60612

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