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Geri Donenberg

Geri Donenberg

Geri Donenberg has a PhD in Clinical Psychology. 

Position/Title at UIC: Dr. Donenberg is the Associate Dean of Research at the School of Public Health, Professor of Medicine, and the Director at Community Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP) and the Healthy Youths Program.

Areas of Interest: Dr. Donenberg is interested in understanding individual, peer, partner, and family mechanisms associated with risky sexual behavior and substance use among high-risk youth. Dr. Donenberg is also interested in adapting, designing, and testing specially targeted interventions to reduce health disparities among juvenile offenders, young men who have sex with men, African American women and daughters, and youth with mental health problems. Furthermore, she is interested in increasing medication adherence among HIV+ youth.

Current and Recent Projects: Dr. Donenberg's current projects include: (1) A family-based HIV prevention intervention for African American women and their daughters, (2) understanding the impact of early violence exposure on later dating violence among African American young women, (3) an trauma-focused cognitive behavioral intervention to increase medication adherence and decrease depression among HIV+ Rwandan youth, (4) a family-based HIV prevention intervention to reduce risky sexual behavior and alcohol/drug use among South African teens in mental health care, and (5) an HIV, substance use, and mental health program for juvenile offenders.


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