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How do I apply for admission to the Global Health Concentration through the SOPHAS?

There is no place to indicate the Global Health Concentration in the SOPHAS application.  Students can apply for admission to the GHC once admitted to the SPH division of their choice (CHS, E-B, EOHS or HPA).

What is the deadline to apply for the Global Health Concentration?

The Global Health Concentration offers admission for the fall and spring terms. The deadline for admission to the concentration in the fall term is October 1st. The deadline for the spring term is February 1st. 

Can students from any SPH division apply for Global Health Concentration?

Yes, the Global Health Concentration represents students from all divisions of SPH.

Are undergraduate students eligible to pursue the Global Health Concentration?

No, undergraduate students may not pursue the Global Health Concentration at this time.

Are doctoral students accepted into Global Health Concentration?

No, the Global Health Concentration does not include doctoral students. Doctoral students may enroll in the global health courses as space permits.

Which courses are required for the Global Health Concentration and what is the sequence?

The required courses are IPHS 409 (Global Public Health Challenges), offered in the Fall semester, and IPHS 410 (Global Public Health Solutions), offered in the Spring semester.  These courses can be taken in any order.  Students must also take an elective course (3 SH), chosen from an approved list of courses. For more information on the requirements, please visit our Global Health Academics page.    

Do Global Health Concentration students need to conduct an international applied practice experience?

No, students can obtain a global experience in the U.S. 

Is funding available to offset costs for international applied practice experience placements? 

Yes, the Global Health Concentration offers several competitive scholarships.  Please visit the Awards page for eligibility and application procedures.

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