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Don Zeigler

Don Zeigler

Dr. Don Zeigler  has a PhD in Public Health and Health Promotion

Title/Position at UIC: Dr. Zeigler is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Health Policy Administration division at the School of Public at UIC.

Courses Taught: Dr. Zeigler teaches HPA400: Principles of Management in Public Health as well as IPHS 410: Global Public Health Solutions

Areas of Interest: Some of Dr. Zeigler's areas of interest include prevention of non-communicable diseases (cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and pulmonary disease) by addressing through policy interventions reduction of high risk alcohol use, tobacco, and unhealthy eating globally and domestically and the impact of global trade agreements on health.

Current and Recent Projects:

For 10 years before retiring, Dr. Zeigler worked at the American Medical Association in three roles: (1) Deputy Director of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation national office of “A Matter of Degree” – a project to develop campus-community coalitions to reduce high-risk drinking in 10 college communities; 2) Secretary of the AMA’s Council on Long Range Planning and Development – an advisory group to the AMA board on health care trends; & (3) Director of Prevention and Health Promotion in the office of Medicine and Public Health. Prior to the AMA, Dr. Zeigler founded and directed one of the first hospital-based community and worksite health programs in the nation in a suburban Chicago hospital and helped found the then Worksite Wellness Council of Illinois.

Since 2009 Dr. Zeigler have been involved in three Eurasia Foundation US-Russia Civil Society Collaborations as a member of the Public Health Working Group: (1) 2009 Moscow Civil Society summit and collaboration on the development of draft national tobacco cessation guidelines for the Russian-speaking countries; (2) Social Expertise Exchange and a joint project on migrant health issues in Russia and the US; and (3) the University Partnership Program between UIC and North-Western State Medical University of St. Petersburg on an Arctic health project.


Dr. Zeigler is active in the American Public Health Association’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Section and the Trade and Health Forum. He was lead author of APHA policy “A Call for a Framework Convention on Alcohol Control” and co-authored APHA policy “Ensuring Trade Agreements Promote Public Health”. Dr. Zeigler was lead author of the World Medical Association 2005 policy “Statement on Reducing the Global Impact of Alcohol on Health and Society”.

Dr. Zeigler is chair of the Evanston Health Advisory Council and serves on the Illinois Advocacy Committee of the American Heart/Stroke Association.

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