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David Hinkamp

David Hinkamp

Dr. David Hinkamp has a MD and MPH

Position/title at UIC: Dr. Hinkamp is a Co-Director of the Health in the Arts Program at UIC.

Courses taught: Dr. Hinkamp does not teach courses but has been invited as a lecturer for Occupational Diseases courses in the School of Public Health.

Areas of interest: Dr. Hinkamp is interested in occupational health issues affecting people who work in the visual and performing arts.

Current and Recent Projects: Dr. Hinkamp was an organizing committee member for the International Diseases and Rehabilitation of Professionals in the Arts that took place in Havana Cuba in July 2016. Dr. Hinkamp was also the Director of Health and Safety in the Arts in Cuba Research Program in January 2016. He is currently working on the Goodman Theater Scenery Shop noise level research project and School of the Art Institute of Chicago student project safety reviews.

Other: Dr. Hinkamp is a Performing Arts Medicine Association board member.

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