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The Global Health Concentration (GHC) provides MPH and MS students with the knowledge, understanding, and skills needed to confront and successfully address emerging global health problems. The GHC prepares students for international careers in government, health care agencies, industry, and academic institutions. Foreign students will be prepared to return to their home countries and work in health ministries, international governmental agencies and other health care organizations.


The Global Health Concentration offers admission for fall and spring terms. The deadline for admission to the concentration in the fall is October 1st and the deadline for admission in the spring is February 1st. Students will apply separately to the SPH division of their choice (CHS, E-B, EOHS, or HPA) and to the Global Health Concentration. With proper planning, the Global Health Concentration can be completed alongside the MPH Professional Enhancement Program (PEP), MPH Comprehensive Program, or the MS Program.

Please visit the Global Health Concentration  for more information.


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