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Christine Fukuda

Christine Fukuda is a second year MPH student in Epidemiology who is traveling to Kisumu, Kenya this summer 2018. Christine will be supporting an observational study nested within a larger randomized controlled trial investigating the impact of menstrual cup use in school age girls. The project was recently implemented in April of this year and is examining the effects of menstrual cups on the vaginal microbiome, STI susceptibility and sexual behaviors.

To learn more about Christine's experience while in Kisumu, Kenya, feel free to check out her blog here.





Carrie Nacht

Carrie Nacht is a second year MPH student in Epidemiology with a concentration in Global Health and a duel-degree MBA. Carrie’s professional goals are related to pursuing a job working on sexual and reproductive health, hopefully from an international standpoint. Carrie is spending her summer completing her field experience in Kisumu, Kenya working at the Nyanza Reproductive Health Society at the UNIM clinic. The project she will be working on focuses on anti-microbial resistant strains of gonorrhea in patients around Kisumu.

Carrie will be spending her spare time in Kisumu staying active with her housemates, catching up on reading, traveling around Eastern Africa, and attempting to learn Swahili. To learn more about Carrie's experience while in Kisumu, Kenya, feel free to check out her blog here.



Jasmin Sanchez

Jasmin Sanchez is a second year MPH student in Community Health Sciences with a concentration in Global Health. This summer, Jasmin is completing her field experience at the Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica (INSP) in Cuernavaca, Mexico. The project that she is working on will look at the social determinants that lead to the high rates of teen suicide in 6 different states throughout Mexico. Jasmin will be helping publish reports to each state with their findings. This project will be using Atas ti, to code the interviews of the adolescents as well as the nurses and government officials. Jasmin will also be completing a literature review with successful suicide prevention programs to help strengthen recommendations for the states who are participating in this project.

Jasmin was able to do some traveling during her first week in Cuernavaca and went to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan, La Gruta, Palacio de Bellas Artes and Frida Kahlo Museum. She is hoping to go to Grutas Tolantongo and a water park before returning to the US. Jasmin will be using this summer to take in the culture as well as reflecting on her lived experiences and identity.

To learn more about Jasmin's experience in Cuernavaca, Mexico, feel free to check out her blog here.


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