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Global Health Program

About GHP

About GHP

The Global Health Program represents UIC School of Public Health’s strategic commitment to enhancing global health research, teaching and service.  Given the rapidity with which people, ideas, capital and trade circumnavigate the globe, our understanding of ‘public health’ must be expanded to fully encompass ‘global health’.   The dramatic advances which have taken place over the last 50 years in transportation, communication and technology create fantastic opportunities to improve the health of the world’s population.  Unfortunately such advances also create unprecedented opportunity for large-scale environmental disasters, including global climate change, worldwide pandemics, widespread dissemination of tainted food-products and other unsafe commercial items, as well as opportunity for intentionally inflicted man-made disasters of major proportion.     

The Global Health Program at the School of Public Health is dedicated to the training, attainment, and contribution of new knowledge to face these challenges. This website provides students, faculty and our local and global community partners with information about the exciting global health activities that are underway within the School and provides resource links to external opportunities, events and organizations dedicated to the improvement of health around the globe. 

We look forward to your involvement.

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The mission of the SPH Global Health Program (GHP) at the University of Illinois at Chicago is to lead efforts and foster effective collaborations to promote health and well-being and reduce suffering worldwide. This will be accomplished by encouraging and supporting education, research, service, and scholarly practice to build new approaches and find creative solutions to global public health challenges.



Our goals are to:

  1. Enable support for global health as public health within the School.
  2. Create opportunities for multi-disciplinary collaborations between local, national and international scholars, practitioners, and organizations.
  3. Educate students to become future leaders in global health research, teaching, and practice.
  4. Serve as a global health research and education center, helping faculty and partners address emerging needs by translating research into policy and practice.



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