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Research in Kenya

Research in Kenya


The creation of HEAL (Health and Empowerment for African Lives) was headed by Dr. Robert Bailey in response to his theory and subsequent research that showed circumcision reduced the transmission rate of HIV. Being in an area where 25-30% of the population is infected, the intervention has had a huge impact on the citizens. Beyond lower the HIV transmission rate, HEAL has several programs at the local level to provide resources to assist citizens to generate more income.

HEAL has grown to now work specifically with men who have sex with men (MSM), who in Kenya, often stay underground as homosexuality is illegal.  “MSM are highly stigmatized,” said Dr. Bailey, “They really have trouble accessing services…they don’t dare get tested for HIV, because they would have to disclose their sexual practices.” The MSM-friendly work is mostly underground, to protect those that they support, but they are also working to raise awareness and tolerance within the overall population of Kenya.

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