Environmental and Occupational Health

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UIC Epicenter for Prevention of Healthcare Associated Infections


  • Lead by Dr. Rachael Jones and Dr. Susan Bleasdale, this study seeks to understand how healthcare workers are exposed to infectious diseases while providing care to patients, and how these occupationally-acquired infections can be prevented.  

  • The collaborating research team of faculty and students is particularly concerned with healthcare workers’ risk of acquiring an emerging infectious disease, like Ebola Virus Disease, because standard disease transmission prevention strategies may not be appropriate.

  • Students in our research team are performing experiments simulating healthcare activities in the laboratory with healthcare worker study participants, observing and measuring environmental and personal contamination using a fluorescent marker (depicted on the top left).

  • Student researchers use multiple techniques to detect pathogens in the environment, including cutting edge air samplers (modeled by a student researcher on the bottom left). Data analysis of their findings will be used to increase knowledge on how to prevent hospital acquired infections.

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