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Injury Prevention


  • EOHS occupational injury prevention research is supported by CDC NIOSH, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and OSHA Area 5 office with the goal of developing a broad state based surveillance program lead by Dr. Linda Forst and Dr. Lee Friedman.
  • EOHS students have been highly engaged in this area of research, with many student lead projects focusing on construction workers, contingent laborers, foreign/migrant laborers service industry workers, auto makers, farmers and miners.
  • Students are also engaged in injury prevention within the community setting under the guidance of Dr. Lee Friedman on such topics as motor vehicle safety, firearm safety, violence across the lifespan, poisoning, substance abuse, suicide prevention and assessments of national triage guidelines.
  • To learn more about injury prevention at EOHS, contact Dr. Linda Forst or Dr. Lee Friedman. Funding and mentoring is available to qualified students.   

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