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Evaluating the Health Benefits of Green Affordable Housing


  • This project will look for improvement in housing quality and associated environmental and personal health indicators after “green” rehabbing of low-income housing in the Chicago area. "Green" rehabbing refers to environmentally friendly solutions to home renovation such as efficient home insulation, installation of proper ventilation, and moisture and mold reductions.

  • EOHS researchers Dr. Susan Buchanan and Dr. David Jacobs note that this project will evaluate whether asthma hospitalizations, days of school missed due to asthma symptoms, and costs of medical care have decreased in the rehabbed communities. This discovery could be then be used to help promote healthy indoor environments in housing for children.

  • Helping lead the charge, an EOHS Doctoral Student has been trained in the use of monitoring equipment that will be used in the homes of participants of this project. These include ambient monitors for CO2, CO, formaldehyde, temperature, relative humidity and VOCs, vacuuming for allergen dust samples, home inspection, as well as testing participants for NO in exhaled breath and spirometry, including peak expiratory flow.

  • The project is performed in Chicago in collaboration with Enterprise Community Partners, The National Center for Healthy Housing in Washington DC, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City, and the University of California San Francisco.

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