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Mercury in Fish


  • Collaborating with SPH researchers Dr. Mary Turyk, Dr. Sally Freels, Dr. Noel Chavez, Dr. Serap Erdal and UIC researchers Dr. Kathryn Nagy, Dr. Lisa Sharp, and Dr. Benjamin Gerber, Dr. Susan Buchanan is taking an in-depth look into why Asians in the US tend to have higher mercury levels than non-Asians, with particular focus on women.

  • To gather this information, interviewers discuss serving and eating habits (species, sauces, and paste) with Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese residents in the field.

  • During the intervention phase the research team will be testing fish consumption text messages to see if women of childbearing age who receive the texts change their diets to a more healthful selection of fish.

  • Several students have had the opportunity to get involved in this research over the last few years, including two Master’s level research assistants. These students have had the opportunity to assist with data collection, training field workers, and working with research data.

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