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Field Experience and Capstone Requirements

Field Experience and Capstone Requirements

Field Experience Requirements

The Field Experience is required of all MPH students , with the majority being required to complete a 5 credit (320 contact hours) assignment. Some students may qualify for a reduced practicum of 3 credits (192 contact hours) depending on their prior public health experience and career goals, and would need to discuss this possibility within their chosen division.

Capstone Requirements

Poster Presentation - A Capstone is a research-quality poster presentation of the students’ own work that demonstrates the ability to identify a public health problem concerning exposure assessment, outcomes measurement or intervention development. The Capstone will address some aspect of occupational and environmental health through the collection and/or systematic evaluation of data and synthesis of the results in standard scientific format. Students in the comprehensive MPH track may choose to report on their fieldwork experience, if appropriate, or on another experience, such as a research assistantship, volunteer activity, or public-health related employment. Students in the PEP track may choose to report a research project or may evaluate some aspect of public health related work. The capstone project must be summarized in a poster presentation.

The capstone project should consist of the following:

  1. a specific question or hypothesis
  2. problem and hypothesis statement based on background reading and research
  3. some form of data collection, management, and presentation

Quantitative projects should include descriptive statistics and some basic analytic statistics. Qualitative projects are appropriate if the student has completed at least one qualitative research methods course.

Poster Presentation Format - Standard research poster presentation format is available in the office of the Academic Coordinator, and includes instruction on poster size, layout, font size. Poster presentations should include title, author(s), background, problem statement/hypothesis, methods, results, discussion and conclusion sections, acknowledgements, including others engaged in the project who were not already listed as co-authors, the organization at which the project took place, and all sources of funding.

NOTE: Students who are doing research involving human subjects will need to undergo training and have their protocols approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Capstone Evaluation / Grading Procedures

Students will present the posters at the EOHS Capstone date for the Fall, Spring, or Summer semester. Students unable to participate in a given semester should plan on presenting at the subsequent semester. Grading is satisfactory/unsatisfactory based on agreement of faculty advisor and faculty reader, but no grades will be assigned in the absence of formal poster presentation.

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