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Faculty and Staff

EOHS Faculty and Staff


EOHS houses a multidisciplinary faculty comprised of public health professionals with unique backgrounds, including industrial hygiene, medicine, environmental health, engineering, toxicology, and chemistry. Their research helps us protect children’s health, prevent occupational injury among construction and farm workers, monitor water quality, design safe drinking water systems, and assess the risk pollutants pose to humans at all phases of development.

EOHS frequently recruits accomplished professionals for adjunct appointments, further enhancing the diversity and expertise of the division. Thanks to the large number of ongoing research projects in EOHS, interested students will find ample opportunities for collaboration and financial assistance. 

Faculty Roster

Name Title Email
Friedman, Lee Interim Division Director & Associate Professor lfried1@uic.edu
Almberg, Kirsten Research Assistant Professor almberg@uic.edu
Bakston, Daniel Clinical Assistant Professor dbakston@uic.edu
Buchanan, Susan Clinical Associate Professor sbucha3@uic.edu
Cailas, Michael Associate Professor mihalis@uic.edu
Clapp, William Clinical Assistant Professor bclapp2@uic.edu
Cohen, Robert Clinical Professor bobcohen@uic.edu
Conroy, Lorraine Interim Dean & Professor lconroy@uic.edu
Dardynskaia, Irina Research Associate Professor dardynsk@uic.edu
Dorevitch, Samuel Associate Professor sdorevit@uic.edu
Erdal, Serap Associate Professor erdal@uic.edu
Forst, Linda Professor forst-l@uic.edu
Holloway-Beth, Alfreda Research Assistant Professor ahollo2@uic.edu
Hryhorczuk, Daniel Professor Emeritus dhryhorc@uic.edu
Ibrahim, David Clinical Assistant Professor dibrah1@uic.edu
Jagai, Jyotsna Research Assistant Professor jjagai2@uic.edu
Jones, Rachael Associate Professor rjones25@uic.edu
Kaplan, Susan Research Assistant Professor kaplans@uic.edu
Li, An Professor anli@uic.edu
Petros, Michael Clinical Assistant Professor mpetro6@uic.edu
Pratap, Preethi Research Assistant Professor  plakshmi@uic.edu
Sietsema, Margaret Research Assistant Professor msiets2@uic.edu
Zanoni, Joseph Research Assistant Professor jzanoni@uic.edu

Adjunct Faculty, Instructor, and Lecturer Roster

Name Title Email
Arnold, Damon Adjunct Assistant Professor darnol3@uic.edu
Berman, Laurel Adjunct Assistant Professor lberma2@uic.edu
Bertsche, Patricia Adjunct Assistant Professor pberts1@uic.edu
Cali, Salvatore Instructor scali@uic.edu
Catalin, Bogdan Adjunct Assistant Professor bcatal1@uic.edu
Caudill, Motria Adjunct Assistant Professor mposhy1@uic.edu
Conibear, Shirley Adjunct Associate Professor conibear@uic.edu
DeFlorio-Barker, Stephanie Adjunct Assistant Professor sdeflor2@illinois.edu
Dolislager, Fredrick Adjunct Lecturer fdolis2@uic.edu
Duvall, Katherine Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor duvall@uic.edu
Emanuel, Brian  Lecturer bemanuel@uic.edu
Evans, Virginia Adjunct Assistant Professor vevans48@uic.edu
Evens, Anne Adjunct Assistant Professor aevens2@uic.edu
Finn, Mark Adjunct Instructor mfinn4@uic.edu
Fiore, Michael Adjunct Lecturer mfiore6@uic.edu
Go, Leonard Adjunct Assistant Professor lgo2@uic.edu
Goldfarb, Eugene Adjunct Lecturer egoldf1@uic.edu
Heimler, Ira Adjunct Associate Professor iheiml2@uic.edu
Hinkamp, David Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor dhinkamp@uic.edu
Jackson, John Adjunct Lecturer jjacks32@uic.edu
Jacobs, David Adjunct Assistant Professor dejacobs@uic.edu
Johnson, Mark Adjunct Associate Professor mjohns75@uic.edu
Kelleher, Patricia Adjunct Assistant Professor kelleher@uic.edu 
Kenski, Donna Adjunct Associate Professor kenski@uic.edu
Klein-Banai, Cynthia Adjunct Assistant Professor cindy@uic.edu
Krantz, Anne  Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor akrantz@uic.edu
Love, Marsha Lecturer lovem@uic.edu
Marder, David Adjunct Assistant Professor davidm@uic.edu
Mucha, Amy Adjunct Assistant Professor apelka1@uic.edu
Orris, Peter Adjunct Professor  porris@uic.edu
Patino, Nicole Instructor npatin4@uic.edu
Prins, Gail Department Affiliate gprins@uic.edu
Rubin, Rachel Adjunct Assistant Professor rrubin@uic.edu
Selway, Michael Adjunct Lecturer mselway1@uic.edu
Stewart, Robert Adjunct Assistant Professor rstewa22@uic.edu
Wagner, Nobert Adjunct Assistant Professor nlwagner@uic.edu
Watters, Michelle Adjunct Assistant Professor  mwatte1@uic.edu
Zalk, David Adjunct Assistant Professor  dzalk2@uic.edu


Our talented and experienced staff come to EOHS from a wide variety of backgrounds bringing valuable expertise that helps the division operate on a day to day basis. All EOHS Academic/Administrative Staff have offices in the School of Public Health- Psychiatric Institute (SPHPI) building located at 1603 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60612.

Staff Roster

Name Title Email Phone Number
Abundo, Mary Human Resources Associate marysong@uic.edu 312-413-7534
Bingham, Marilyn CE Program Coordinator syn@uic.edu (312) 996-6904
Donato, Caitlin ERC Project Coordinator cdonato@uic.edu (312) 996-0867
Fisher, Elizabeth UIC Center for Healthy Work Research Associate fishere@uic.edu (312) 996-2543
Grossman, Elena BRACE-IL Project Coordinator  egross5@uic.edu (312) 996-2085
Hansen, Elizabeth Enterprise Green Housing Research Associate ehanse20@uic.edu     
Kennedy, Kathleen Black Lung Project Research Specialist kkenne4@uic.edu (312) 996-6131
Leahy, Kimberly Black Lung Research Associate kimleahy@uic.edu 312-996-4643
Long, Changmin Laboratory Manager changmin@uic.edu (312) 413-1390
Love, Marsha Program Development Manager lovem@uic.edu (312) 996-9568
Pustek, David Assistant Director of Admin dpustek@uic.edu (312) 996-4952
Szwiec, Emily IOSP, Grants, and PHESU Research Associate szwiec1@uic.edu  
Thomas, Leena Black Lung Project Research Associate lthomas22@uic.edu 312-996-4534
Weems, Delores Black Lung Clinic Coordinator weemsjr@uic.edu (312) 413-4247
Zhang, Jing FISH and Enterprise Green Housing Senior Research Specialist jingz3@uic.edu 312-355-0597
Zordani, Ed Assistant Director of Academic Services zordani@uic.edu (312) 996-8856

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