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EOHS Research

EOHS Research


Rachael Jones, Associate Professor, brings CDC Prevention Epicenter Program to EOHS 

An Li, Professor identifies and maps chemical of "emerging concern" in 3/5 of The Great Lakes.

David Jacobs, Adjunct Associate Professor and Susan Buchanan, Clinial Associate Professor weigh in on the continuing lead exposure problem facing Chicago children.


With an accomplished faculty and a city with a vibrant professional and academic climate, EOHS is uniquely situated for multidisciplinary research.  We collaborate with everyone from community groups to the World Health Organization, helping to resolve environmental and occupational health and safety problems on local, national, and international levels.   

Student Research Activities

As early as admission to the program, EOHS students have numerous opportunities to partake in research activities and get involved with faculty during their time in the program. There are four main areas that students can get involved: the lab, the field, publications, and presentations. While students are not required to participate in all settings, a great deal can be learned by seeking involvement in two or more areas.  Read more..

Faculty Research Projects

Research is a key component of working and studying in EOHS. Our faculty conducts nationally recognized work and emphasizes research-to-practice methods. Take a look at some of the research projects currently being conducted in EOHS. Read more...

Illinois Education and Research Center and Continuing Education

The Illinois Education and Research Center (ERC) provides masters and doctoral level training in industrial hygiene, occupational safety, occupational medicine, agricultural safety and health and occupational and environmental epidemiology.  The Illinois ERC also provides continuing education to occupational safety and health professionals through conferences, online courses, and in-person workshops. More information about Continuing Education courses can be found on the Illinois ERC Continuing Education page.  

Great Lakes Centers (GLC)

The Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health are housed alongside EOHS. GLC includes the Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the Occupational Health Service Institute, and the Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health. GLC is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Occupational Health and partners in international research projects.

UIC Center for Healthy Work

The UIC Center for Healthy Work is a research and education center established in 2016 to advance the health and well being of workers in Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the nation. Our center is one of six Centers of Excellence for Total Worker Health®, funded by NIOSH. The Center's mission is to remove barriers that impact the health of low wage workers in the increasingly contingent workforce. We aim to identify and promote employment programs, practices, and policies that will improve worker and community health locally, across the state, and throughout the nation. Learn more about our Center for Healthy Work team by visiting UIC Center for Healthy Work​ page.

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