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EOHS Research

EOHS Research

EOHS Research and Community Activities

With an accomplished faculty and a city with a vibrant professional and academic climate, EOHS is uniquely situated for multidisciplinary research.  We collaborate with everyone from community groups to the World Health Organization, helping to resolve environmental and occupational health and safety problems on local, national, and international levels. Click here for Center for Healthy Work

Student Research Activities-Targeted Research Training (TRT)

Occupational Health Surveillance

The goal of this team is to determine occupational health needs of community health centers and the workers they serve. The team is developing a survey tool, writing an IRB protocol, learning interviewing techniques, conducting interviews of working adults in clinic waiting rooms, managing data, analyzing data, and writing a report. There are four faculty, 1 staff member, and 15 students, including 2 community organizations involved with this team. The team produces a research proposal: Reducing the Burden of Health Care for the Working Poor: the Role of Workers’ Compensation (submitted to National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities).

Precarious Work and Underserved Worker Populations

The team is involved in five projects: 1) Occupational safety and health hazards in temporary workers; 2) Promoting seniors’ health with home care aides; 3) Nursing home workers injury prevention perceptions; 4) Ergonomics and home care workers; and 5) Health and safety training for domestic workers. There are 19 members of the team, including 8 faculty, 2 staff members, 5 students, and 4 community organization representatives. One publication, 3 conference presentations, and 6 other presentations resulted from the team.

Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

This TRT is broadly concerned with providing a forum for students to engage in discussions and the development of proposals related to occupational and environmental epidemiology. For the past year the students have been actively involved in conducting a study of the potential hazards from air and noise pollution related to bicycling in Chicago. The students developed a proposal and were funded to conduct this study by the NIOSH Training Project Grant. Field work for the study was completed this past summer and the students are still processing the results from the study. The team includes 3 faculty, 1 staff member, 8 students, and 1 community organization.

Faculty Research Projects

Research is a key component of working and studying in EOHS. Our faculty conducts nationally recognized work and emphasizes research-to-practice methods. Take a look at some of the research projects currently being conducted in EOHS. Read more...


EOHS extends beyond our building on Taylor Street. The students, faculty and staff are deeply engaged with nearby communities through environmental justice organizations, addressing inequitable exposure to environmental hazards across the population.  Worker centers, migrant service organizations, unions, non-profits, and consulates provide invaluable services and advocacy for low wage, minority, and immigrant workers; we collaborate to add health and safety to their agendas.  We also partner to establish peer training and programs on health and safety in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, health care, and home health settings. Read more..

Illinois Education and Research Center and Continuing Education

The Illinois Education and Research Center (ERC) provides masters and doctoral level training in industrial hygiene, occupational safety, occupational medicine, agricultural safety and health and occupational and environmental epidemiology.  The Illinois ERC also provides continuing education to occupational safety and health professionals through conferences, online courses, and in-person workshops. More information about Continuing Education courses can be found on the Illinois ERC Continuing Education page.  

Great Lakes Centers (GLC)

The Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health are housed alongside EOHS. GLC includes the Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the Occupational Health Service Institute, and the Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health. GLC is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Occupational Health and partners in international research projects.

Pilot Project Research Training (PPRT)

The Illinois ERC solicits proposals and awards funds annually for Pilot Project Research Projects. The funds are intended for new occupational safety and health investigators, including PhD candidates, post doctoral trainees, new faculty in occupational health fields, and established researchers who are exploring occupational health and safety for the first time. The availability and amount of funding for this initiative is contingent on the Pilot Project award provided by NIOSH, but funding amounts typically range from $2,000 to a maximum of $20,000. To date, the rate of successful funding of proposals is approximately 50%. The request for proposals is generally announced in January with an April 1 deadline.

The purpose of the awards is to:
1. Develop research expertise and capacity in ERC research trainees and new investigators;
2. Support new investigators in establishing new occupationally related research areas; and,
3. Encourage established investigators from other fields to apply their expertise to NORA topics. More information on NORA topics can be found on the CDC website.

The awards are intended to provide investigators with the resources needed to develop pilot information about a research hypothesis, with the expectation that investigators will subsequently develop fully formed extramural research applications on the basis of this pilot information. Use the links below to download the application instructions and information, the application form, and a budget proposal worksheet. All documents are between 24 and 50 KB in size. Applications must be received on or before Thursday, April 6, 2017.

Application Instructions and Information
Application Form .doc format
Application Form .pdf
Budget Proposal Worksheet

Questions concerning the applications and funding may be addressed to:

Salvatore Cali, MPH,
CIH PPRT Program Coordinator
Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health (M/C 922)
2121 West Taylor Street
Chicago, Illinois 60612-7260
Phone 312/996-5722
Email: scali@uic.edu (Inquiries by e-mail preferred)

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