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Should You Apply

Should You Apply


We are often asked by those considering the DrPH program, for informal advice on how well they "fit" the profile of a successful DrPH student. While we are unable to assess an individual's prospect for admission without reviewing a complete application, we can offer the following advice.  

Earning the DrPH degree is a challenging process which extends over several years.  It is designed for students who are dedicated to being public health leaders, who have a vision for what is possible, and who can clearly dedicate the necessary time to the learning process.  Application to the program is highly competitive with upwards of 120 applications for approximately 15 slots each year. Please consider the questions below when deciding if this is the right program for you.  If you can answer "yes" to all of these questions, please strongly consider applying. We offer this advice in the interest of fully disclosing expectations and to encourage frank self-assessment and reflection as an essential early step in your leadership development.  

√          Do you have a master's degree in public health or a related discipline from an accredited university?

 √         If your master's is not in public health are you willing to take up to five remedial public health core courses (15 credit hours) before beginning core DrPH coursework?

 √         Does your graduate academic record clearly show a high level of academic ability demonstrated though high a grade point average in challenging courses, including courses in research methods, analysis, and science?

 √         Do you have at least three years’ experience in middle management or above in a public health related field?

 √         Does your professional career clearly demonstrate leadership aptitude or leadership experience related to public health?

 √         Are your future career interests strongly in the practice of public health?

√          As a DrPH student, are you prepared to complete 2 courses (6-8 credit hours) per term (Fall and Spring Semester) and attend an in-person, annual summer session for each year you are in the DrPH Program?

 √         Can you obtain sufficient release time from your job and other responsibilities to participate fully as a DrPH student for several years?

 √         Can you make financial arrangements that will allow you to cover tuition, travel, computer and other costs that may in total exceed $50,000 to obtain the DrPH degree?

 √         Do you have strong verbal and writing skills?

 √         Can you articulate a clear vision of why you want to pursue the DrPH degree, beyond motivation for professional, career, or personal development?

 √         Can you demonstrate a history of discipline in time management, priority stetting, and personal mastery?

 √         Do you have regular access to a relatively new personal computer and a hi-speed internet connection?

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