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The Minority Health Conference is a yearly gathering where professionals and students from allied health fields come together to uncover and focus on eliminating the health challenges encountered by marginalized populations.This conference seeks not only to shed light on health inequities that persist in marginalized communities, but to also build a task force of emerging leaders and professionals to address these issues at the local, regional, and national levels.

2018 Theme

This year’s theme, “Reclaiming the Narrative: Our Stories, Our Identities, Our Resilience.” is based on the recognition that the world is organized by the stories we tell. These stories become the catalyst for transformative research led by health science professionals across the country. Through research encompassing the narratives of marginalized communities, featured presentations can challenge us to consider the current social and political climate in the United States. In engaging with this work, communities and health science professionals will be empowered to promote mental, physical, and social well-being for all, regardless of identity or circumstance.

2017-2018 COMMITTEE

Through the Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health, we welcome:

Juan Wantig

Programming Committee
Valeria Rios-Maldonado
Nicholas Davis

Marketing Committee
Kayla Moore
Celina Garza

Logistics Committee
Chibuzor Abasilim

Fundraising Committee
Sayuri Fujita

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