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Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors


Program Overview

A component of the Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP), the Ambassador Program builds on skills learned in the PHLP and encourages Student Ambassadors to continue developing their leadership abilities and interests.

Benefits of the Program

Students who continue in the Ambassador Program beyond the completion of the PHLP’s initial 10 hours receive multiple benefits:

Student badging and incentives

Ambassadors are given badge challenges each month and have opportunities to earn various incentives for completion of leadership activities. Incentives vary from priority access to retention specialists to a letter of recommendation. Learn more.


Ambassadors who express an interest in collaborating on events or projects are given opportunities to create and present proposals to ODI leadership during weekly staff meetings. Upon approval of the proposal, the ODI supports Ambassadors to ensure collaboration is successful.

Employment opportunities

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion works with community partners to provide Ambassadors with employment, volunteer and internship opportunities to assist with their professional development. Ambassadors are updated regularly on employment opportunities.

ODI office support

Ambassadors may use the ODI office for printing, room reservations, food requests, and more. The office is also available to Ambassadors for studying and other school-related activities.


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