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Nadia Winston

Nadia Winston

Division: Occupational Health/Family Nurse Practitioner

Expected Graduation Date: May 2017

Organizations: Health Professions Student Council (HPSC), Graduate Student Nurses Organization (GSNO), Graduate Nursing Student Academy (GNSA)

Leadership Positions Held: Health Professions Student Council (HPSC) - College of Nursing Graduate Student Representative Graduate Nursing Student Academy - Campus Liaison

About Nadia

Nadia is currently a graduate student at the UIC College of Nursing. Her background is primarily in public health and research. Prior to her matriculation as a nursing student, Nadia worked as a research analyst at a medical center in Tennessee. While there, Nadia was responsible for the coordination of a clinical research study involving kidney dialysis and transplant patients. Nadia aspires to merge her interests in nursing, public health, and research in my future career.

Why did you participate in Leadership Program?

My decision to participate in the program emerged from my desire to strengthen my leadership skills. I want to become a fair-minded and humble leader that is capable of serving and teaching within diverse public health settings.

What skills were gained from your participation in the program?

From my participation in the program, I gained confidence in my abilities as a leader, enhanced team-building skills, and a better sense of myself as a future leader. Through the program I was able to explore different leadership styles and identify potential areas where I needed to grow professionally as a future leaders.

What will you do with your new responsibility as student ambassador?

Becoming a Student Ambassador is a great avenue for students to explore and practice their leadership skill base before entering into the real world. It gives students a platform within their student community which encourages their leadership growth and opens them up to a wide variety of opportunities for professional development.

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