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Kettelene Theodore

Kettelene Theodore

Division: Health Policy Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Organizations: Public Health Student Association (PHSA), Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health (MSAPH)




About Kettelene

Kettelene is interested in emergency preparedness, maternal & child’s health as well as water & sanitation. Her long term goal is to be a health services manager in Haiti. In March, Kettelene will be traveling to Haiti with Dr. Janet Lin and her team to continue her on-going project in developing sustainable Disaster Risk Reduction strategies.

Why did you participate in Leadership Program?

The leadership program provided an optimal opportunity to enhance my leadership skills. But what drew me to this program is my thirst for knowledge.

What skills were gained from your participation in the program?

I learned how to work with each person as an individual, and to treat that individual with respect. I also learned how to empower others with the tools to make decisions, carry out tasks and achieve their own personal goals.

What will you do with your new responsibility as student ambassador?

It's a great opportunity to build your network, and connect with peers.

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