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High School Math and Science Engagement Conference

The High School Health Science Careers Conference

The High School Health Science Careers Conference is designed to provide educational opportunities to high school teachers, counselors, and parents as well as high school students from disadvantaged backgroundsThe conference offers students the opportunity to engage in different hands-on activities. The objective is to support the interests of the students as they prepare to enter Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine (S.T.E.M.M.) majors in college with the goal of entering a career in the health sciences or health professions. The conference will provide teachers, counselors, and parents information on how to help their students through the health professions pipeline as well as program opportunities available for high school students who are interested in a health profession.    






For additional information, please contact: Kimberly Johnson, Project Manager of the Health Professions Navigator P: 312-966-5511

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