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Erin Raymond

Erin Raymond


Division: Health Policy Administration

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Organizations: Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health (MSAPH)

Leadership Positions Held: Minority Student Advancement for Public Health-Events Chair, Ambassador Book Club-Organizer

About Erin

Erin is a transfer student into the Master of Public Health's Health Policy and Administration program. Erin participated in the leadership program in the summer of 2014, where she met fellow cohorts and began building relationships with School of Public Health faculty and staff. Erin is grateful for that opportunity because she has found extreme support and encouragement through those forged relationships. As a Student Ambassador, Erin has had the opportunity to collaborate with other Student Ambassadors on ideas and projects that they would like to see happen within the school.

Why did you participate in Leadership Program?

I chose to participate in the leadership program because I felt it would be a great opportunity to cultivate new skills, build on existing strengths and forge relationships with students I would not have the pleasure of meeting, otherwise.

What skills were gained from your participation in the program?

The obvious skill I was able to further develop was my leadership skill. I learned when it is a good time to lead and when it is a good time to follow, which is extremely important to being a leader. Also, my teamwork skills were improved. After participating in the leadership program, I was able to better identify my strengths and understand how to use them individually and in collaboration with others.

What will you do with your new responsibility as student ambassador?

Other SPH students should get involved with the leadership program and become student ambassadors because it is a unique experience and offers opportunities unlike any other student group within SPH. For example, Student Ambassadors are required to participate in a community service event of their choice that helps promote the School of Public Health and the leadership program. In return for their community service, students are able to reserve rooms and order food for study sessions. Additionally, the support of fellow Student Ambassadors has been extremely helpful for me during my transition.

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