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Cindy San Miguel

Cindy San Miguel

Division: Community Health Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Organizations: Public Health Student Association (PHSA)

Leadership Positions Held: Minority Health Conference- Co-Chair, Committee on Admissions and Recruitment Polices-Student Representative


About Cindy

Cindy is a first-year graduate student in the School of Public Health at UIC. Her interests lie in maternal and child health outcomes of teen pregnancies. After receiving her Masters of Public Health, Cindy hopes to work for an organization that marries the community self-advocacy and the eradication of health inequities within marginalized communities.

Why did you participate in Leadership Program?

I participated in the ambassador program because I wanted to find a way to maximize all the opportunities available at SPH. The ambassador program allowed me to connect with key faculty and administrators at the university while simultaneously providing me a platform to develop my leadership skills. It also helped me create a strategic plan to be a purposeful and effective graduate student.

What skills were gained from your participation in the program?

I was able to see what my strengths were as a leader and also my natural talents. I think I became very self-aware of how I work within a group and how to use my skills to ultimately help the goal of whatever group I am working in.

What will you do with your new responsibility as student ambassador?

The Student Ambassador program is a wonderful opportunity for students to begin making meaningful connections with their peers and other health professionals. It is a way to distinguish yourself as a student who wants to go above and beyond and stand out as a leader.

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