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Aleia Mays

Aleia Mays

Division: Community Health Sciences

Expected Graduation Date: May 2016

Organizations: Minority Students for the Advancement of Public Health (MSAPH), Gates Millennium Scholar

Leadership Positions Held: Minority Health Conference-Committee Member, Gates Millennium Ambassador and Mentor, Associate of Black Social Work Students-Former Vice President



About Aleia

Aleia is a first year Masters of Public Health student in the School of Public Health, and currently holds a MSW from the University of Michigan. She has experience working with youth in academic environments, disadvantaged elderly populations, and leading health educational workshops. Aleia desires to use the skills learned along with her educational background to help urban communities gain better access to quality and healthy food choices.

Why did you participate in Leadership Program?

I decided to participate in the leadership program because I wanted to learn how to become a better leader. I also wanted to build stronger relationships with faculty in students within the School of Public Health.

What skills were gained from your participation in the program?

By participating in the leadership program, I have learned my leadership style and how to become an effective leader. I have also been able to contribute to the UIC community through participating in numerous activities on campus.

What will you do with your new responsibility as student ambassador?

As an ambassador, students are able gain access to different opportunities within the school that are not easily given to other students. It also help students to become a more effective leader through developing skills they currently have and gaining new ones.

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