Faculty and Staff

Our programs encompass a range of fields, including sociology, psychology, organizational behavior, economics, law, and policy analysis. Our faculty, comprised of publishing researchers and practiced professionals, apply discipline-specific approaches to analyze public health problems, from the cost-effectiveness of proposed Medicare reforms to the efficacy of recent vaccinal interventions. By learning from the wider UIC community, our students see health care systems and programming through many lenses, preparing them for a work climate with plentiful—and often conflicting—agendas.

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All Academic/Administrative Staff for HPA have offices in:

School of Public Health
1603 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, IL 60612

Their contact information can be found here.

Health Policy and Administration offers a variety of experience to their students through their faculty. Please check out what our faculty have to offer.

Faculty Name Title Email
Zwanziger, Jack Director & Professor         jzwanzig@uic.edu
DeNardo, John         MHA Director & Clinical Assistant Professor      jdenardo@uic.edu
LoSasso, Anthony           PhD Director & Professor       losasso@uic.edu
Mensah, Edward       PHI Director & Associate Professor         dehasnem@uic.edu
Sewell, Richard        Director & Clinical Assistant Professor rsewel2@uic.edu
Chriqui, Jamie Professor         jchriqui@uic.edu
Henry, David         Professor         dhenry@uic.edu
Powell, Lisa         HPA Director & Professor         powelll@uic.edu
Levy, Judith        Associate Professor         judlevy@uic.edu
Mullner, Ross        Associate Professor         mullner@uic.edu
Darnell, Julie       Assistant Professor         jdarnell@uic.edu
Kim, Seijeoung         Assistant Professor         skim49@uic.edu
Leininger, Lindsey Assistant Professor         lindseyl@uic.edu
Neuberger, Babette      Clinical Associate Professor         bjn@uic.edu
Opacich, Karin         Clinical Associate Professor         kopacich@uic.edu
Borgers, Frank        Clinical Assistant Professor         fborgers@uic.edu
Dopkeen, Jon    Clinical Assistant Professor         jdopkeen@uic.edu
Getzenberg, Joy         Clinical Assistant Professor         joygetz@uic.edu
Kling, William        Clinical Assistant Professor         wkling@uic.edu
Stiehl, Emily       Clinical Assistant Professor         estiehl@uic.edu
Weingart, Sherry       Clinical Assistant Professor         sweingar@uic.edu
Murray, Linda         Adjunct Assistant Professor         lmurra3@uic.edu
Braun, Barbara Adjunct Assistant Professor, MHA program         bbraun4@uic.edu
Swarzman, Michael       Adjunct Assistant Professor, MHA program         swarzman@uic.edu
Steed, Airica         Adjunct Assistant Professor, MHA program         asteed@uic.edu
Berman-Sandler,Leatrice Adjunct Instructor, MHA program         leatrice@uic.edu
Conrad, Kendon     Professor Emeritus     kjconrad@uic.edu
Croke, Kevin     Professor Emeritus     croke@uic.edu