The Health Policy and Administration (HPA) division offers five online certificates.  Under the guidance of HPA faculty, students will learn how to integrate emerging technologies, research tools, and management practices into their career.



The fully online CRM certificate features a series of five courses that provide a rigorous introduction to research methodology, evaluative methods, and statistical computing and data management.  This 17 credit hour curriculum will help professionals devise and execute clinical-and-translational-science research schemes and achieve a competitive advantage at highly selective research-oriented residency programs. The CRM certificate can also be a component of an online MPH. Credits earned may be transferable to a relevant Masters Program.

Please visit the Clinical Research Methods website for additional information.


Attention and resources have been devoted to understanding and eliminating health disparities within the United States.  The Certificate in Health Disparities Research enhances the knowledge, skills, and scientific resources regarding health disparities for practitioners and researchers who wish to contribute to a body of evidence that will lead to a deeper understanding and to the eventual elimination of health disparities.

Please visit the Health Disparities Research website for additional information.


Geographic Information Systems is a fast-growing field in public health, combining cartography, spatial analysis, and data management. Students in this program acquire fundamental GIS tools while learning about practical applications; ultimately, they will be able to implement and sustain GIS functions in their own careers. To earn this certificate, students must complete four courses for a total of 13 credit hours.

Please visit the Public Health Geographic Information Systems website for additional information.


Today’s requirements of interoperability and integrated sets of data across the public health enterprise require more sophistication. The Public Health Informatics certificate teaches students how to develop, implement, and manage population-based public health information systems. To earn the certificate, students must complete five courses for a total of 17 credit hours.

Please visit the Public Health Informatics website for additional information. Credits earned may be later transferable towards the fulfillment of UIC’s Master of Public Health.


The Public Health Management certificate assists mid-career public health professionals. The course sequence starts with the basic principles of managing public health organizations before moving on to strategic planning, budgeting, leadership, and resource-allocation decisions-making. To earn this certificate, students must complete four courses for a total of 12 credit hours.

Please visit the Public Health Management website for additional information.